More information on Qatar pathway

A few days ago Realedge International unveiled a new pathway for the nurses, the Qatar pathway. We also promised to share more information about working in Qatar as a nurse.

Just like the other pathways, this could also be a route to your dream country, in nursing experience matters a lot and more so in different set ups, you also continue to gain more knowledge and skills.

Don’t they say a change is as good as a rest? Huh?….

The Qatar currency is in Rials.
1rial =Kshs 29.43(as per today’s rates)

NB:The figures am about to give are by sample from a select employer, not the guaranteed figure which will depend on negotiated and agreed amount.

The Basic salary
2,700 Rials =Kshs 79,461
-Food and beverages
Approximately 300rials=Kshs 8,829
-Allowances by specialty
Eg ICU, paeds
250-500 Rials =Kshs 7,358 – 14,715
-Accommodation allowance
750 Rials =Kshs 22,073
Its important to note that most employers provide accommodation but you can opt out of this.
-Ticket back home
Yearly they will give approximately 2,200 Rials =Kshs 64,746.

This will be applicable as per Qatar labor laws
Approx 850-1,700 rials =Kshs 25,016-50,031

Offered to and from work

36 months renewable

12 and 8 hour shifts mostly

Required Exam
Only Prometric test is required and as Realedge International we offer training for those preparing to sit the Prometric test. Our intakes  are on 1st and 15th day of each month.

Length of the process
Approximately 8 weeks.

Reach out if interested in pursuing the Qatar pathway.

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