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Ever wondered why you are very qualified and with required certification, even experience for a certain job but you never get it?

The job market, especially the Kenyan one right now is frustrating. What with nepotism, retrenchments, layoffs etc. Many job seekers are having sleepless nights because without a job, there is no source of livelihood.

Granny here, advices you not to give up. Maybe, just maybe there is something you are not doing right, especially when it comes to your curriculum vitae (CV) or resume. I must mention though, that you may have the right CV that only gets you to the door, but still not the job. This only means that your CV got you noticed but you were challenged during your interview. You may also need interview coaching.

This brings me to the topic of today, interview coaching and revamp of your curriculum vitae. You have seen RealEdge International Limited place adverts on CV alignment, this is absolutely necessary and at the end of this read, you will understand why.

We live in a complex and competitive world. More of survival for the fittest kind of world. The job market is also competitive internationally and so your CV really need to stand out for you to get a befitting job. There is need for you to make your CV job targeted to match the required roles otherwise if you use same CV to apply for different roles you may never get a call back.
In addition, we are living in a fast-changing world in as a far as digitalism is concerned and recruitment in many an organization has been automated in such a way that interview shortlisting is only done after the talent system picks up the key words that the vacancy seeks and rejects any other CVs with unnecessary wordings, outlooks etc and just like that you are left out.

For instance, unless a job advert specifically says so, some personal details such as marital status, sexual orientation, hobbies etc no longer apply.

Another pointer is, where exactly are you job searching? As I said, digital world. Huh. Ever heard of sites like LinkedIn? Do you have an account? Of course, direct job applications still apply, even the adverts on newspapers too. But sites like LinkedIn gets you noticed simply because it has millions of recruiters worldwide looking for candidates. Your CV should include your LinkedIn link!

Let us learn to use our internet well for things that will help us grow professionally and lead us to our vision. Sign up for LinkedIn and attach your professionally revamped CV, you can also use sites like YouTube, free webinars on such to practice and understand interviews.

Granny used to speak a lot of nonsense on social media, Facebook for instance keeps reminding me of this immaturity all the time. But well, we all learn from experience. In the period 2010-2012, I really toiled to get a job in that city called Nairobi. A friend mentioned to me about the need for CV alignment and interview coaching and after I did all these, I finally got a job. I used 10k to have my CV revamped and get the necessary coaching for interviews.

At RealEdge International, will revamp your Cv at only Kes. 1800, why, the person working on these CVs use his time, a very important resource in the life of a human now, will coach you for interviews for free or as mentioned use sites like you tube, research and be ready.

Lastly, please have a professional studio taken profile picture on a neutral background, it will be used on your CV.
For now, we are open to any CVs from nurses or even people from other careers who are in the job market, you can WhatsApp your CV and photo to these numbers;
+254 726 297539
+254 113521157
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